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From biodegradable impression trays and fully digital paperless charts to painless "needle-free" anesthesia, Williamsburg Dental Arts combines the latest in technology with the ultimate patient comfort experience. Enjoy a complimentary gourmet beverage as you peruse our beautiful contemporary art gallery and do not hesitate to ask for our latest essential oil aroma therapy during treatment. So whether you are coming in for a checkup or are just checking up on the latest in contemporary art, Williamsburg Dental Arts is an experience you don't have to wait six months for to enjoy.

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This is the best dental office I have ever visited. The space, the staff, the doctors, the services - everything is excellent. They also place really good music; I had to refrain from shazaming during my cleaning.

Review by Julie S., 10/18/2019


I don't write many reviews, but I had to for this place. My whole life I've been wary of dentist. As a child, I would ward off candy in hopes of prolonging appointments (parents made them anyway lol). I'm a responsible adult schedule cleanings twice a year, but a lot of all of my childhood fear lingered and I still cringe at the thought of making an appointment.  When it came time to pluck some wisdom teeth; I knew I needed to find someone who really could assuage my fears. Thankfully, all of my apprehension was washed away once I found Dr. Rubinov/WDA (referred to by a friend). Once I walk through the door I knew it was going to be a different experience. The team was very warm and the energy was very inviting. The space itself is pristine, bright and screamsss cutting edge (dare I say "Millennial?" Lol).  I was welcomed with that they call a "Comfort Menu"; its a list of options ( both free and for purchase) that could help ease your visit from start to finish. I can not emphasis enough what a joy it was to be in a space that I felt really understood my anxiety and went above and beyond to remedy it. Dr. Rubinov bedside manner is unbeatable and he was very informative and open with what he was going to do/how he would extract my teeth. The information gave me some solace, but the actual procedure took the cake. Dr. Rubinov is a skilled sedation dentist, artist even! He had me hooked up to an IV, some small conversation later and before I knew it I woke up sans (2) wisdom tooth.  I've been under before, but this time seemed to go smoother. It really was like magic and I felt like I woke up from the best cat nap I've ever had (until the pain kicked in lol). He even cleared off a little build up on the front of my teeth! After he finished, I was provided with all the after care information and was on my way. I'll definitely be back! He also provides an array of preventive/regenerative cosmetic options too that I would be curious to try in the future. Also really curious about the IVs! You will literally leave this office a new and better person. Definitely Definitely recommend the wonderful team at Williamsburg Dental Arts.

Review by Mercedes C., 08/13/2019


Amazing atmosphere. It feels that you came to the spa in the hotel.

Great receptionist teams. I come for the cleaning. I don't want to change for the futures.
after the cleaning, my teeth feel so good! Appreciate the hygienist who did the all work for me.

the neighborhood's modern cafe, book stores, clothing stores, supermarkets, very close to the river. growing high end city!

the location is awesome!

Review by Sara Y., 05/17/2019


Dr. Hubert & her team go above & beyond. They are thorough, efficient! I regularly recommend them.

Review by MW, 03/27/2019


Honest, helpful, gentle and nice, everything you could want from a dentist!

Review by Fox M, 02/10/2019


Everyone is lovely & attentive to concerns. Excellent customer service. I've already recommended this clinic!

Review by JW, 01/19/2019


The offices were beautiful and high tech. I had my 6 month check up and they were very thorough. Would highly recommend!

Review by Erin M., 01/01/2019


I am 54 years old and for the first time in my life I was actually looking forward to my appointment at a dentist! These guys have chance completely the concept of going to the dentist. Everything is perfect, the offices have beautiful art all over the place, high quality books and magazines, great music and most of all really nice staff with great energies that make you feel loved and welcome. Dr. Konstantin is always eager to share in detail his knowledge and his enthusiasm is contagious. The actual treatments are super efficient, high quality and completely painless,, they really have it down to the smallest detail. I highly recommend them sincerely.
Pablo Guarderas

Review by Pablo G., 09/25/2018


Dr. Hubert is the best dentist I have ever been to see. I have massive anxiety over dental work and Dr. Hubert is wonderful at creating a relaxing environment and making what has historically for me been a traumatic situation the best possible experience, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Review by BB, 06/17/2018


It was pretty much just like going to Coney Island but so much better.

Review by MW, 05/26/2018


I've been coming here for several years and won't go anywhere else.
I have composite bonding on my six front teeth due to horrible staining from incorrect fluoride treatments in my youth. Other dentists won't touch them and tell me to come back when I have money for veneers. For many years now, these dentists have maintained my bondings and kept my smile beautiful- something I am very sensitive about. I have cried tears of gratitude in this office. They even accommodated me when I was a poor graduate student.

Dr Hubert is a true artist and does excellent cosmetic work. I cannot wait until I save enough to get veneers with her.

I've seen both hygentists and they are thorough workers and lovely people to be around. Everyone is knowledgable and you will never walk out of the office feeling like you don't understand something. I've never felt anything but cared for at this office. I refuse to go elsewhere, even if somewhere might be a bit cheaper. The level of care and attention here is worth every penny.

Review by Erika A., 05/05/2018

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