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New Leaf Dental

New Leaf Dental


2200 85th St Ste 1A Brooklyn, NY 11214 b/t 23rd Ave & Bay Pky

(718) 236-1165

Provided services

Periodontists, General Dentistry, Pediatric Dentists


At New Leaf Dental Clinic, we believe in making our patients feel at home when they visit our dental practice in Bensonhurst Brooklyn NY. Our Doctor Nidal Salameh, one of the most trusted dentist in Bensonhurst Brooklyn NY, and our friendly staff are going to do more than just help you achieve healthy, beautiful smile. We get to know everyone who comes to our office and we go the extra mile to educate you about how to maintain your oral health.

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Monday 10:00 20:00
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I had an issue with New Leaf Dental which was quickly resolved, by Dr Nidal Salameh and his staff. They were apologetic and willing to make things right. Any other dental office would just brush you off, but Dr Nidal Salameh contacted me and spoke to me direct and assured me I would be taken care of.

My initial visit in October was pleasant.

Review by Jeffrey P., 01/10/2020


Overall clean , comfortable, professional. The whole experience was a 5 out of 5 for me. I would be returning for my cleanup

Review by Elizzette M., 10/10/2019


Soon I get into the office. THE staff were smiling very friendly. I love the service THE Doctor was very nice .

Review by Shaif A., 10/01/2019


Very good and professional staff! Dr. Nodal is a good doctor. My teeth were cured and two crowns were placed. I recommend this dental office.

Review by Oiuna L., 09/30/2019


Such a great place! Everyone is very friendly and professional. I learned so much while I was there. Thanks again!

Review by James B., 09/16/2019


First of all, this is the best Dentist I’ve ever been to in my life and I’m 29 years old. Andre at the front desk is amazing and very helpful. I had to get 4 extractions and was very scared bc I have a low tolerance for pain and hate needles. The doctor and his assistant assured me it would not hurt. They treated me so well. Kept asking if I was okay during the process. It was like they cared more about me than anything. I really appreciated that. They made me feel so comfortable and very welcoming. Very clean office and the entire staff is wonderful. I enjoyed my experience so much that I recommended my sister to get her deep cleaning there. As long as I’m living in NYC, I’m not going to any other Dentist!!! This is it for me!!! Thanks so much New Leaf Dental!!!

Review by Safiya Bacchus, 09/14/2019


Unlike My previous dentist who didn’t explain anything to me about any procedures getting done. Andre really helped me and explained everything in detail regarding what my insurance cover and what it doesn’t..... the dentist was really nice and his staff did amazing job. Thank you and I will be referring you my friends and relatives.

Review by Albina Temirbulatova, 09/08/2019


Went in with a toothache, came out pain free highly recommend Dr. Nidal Salameh and his staff

Review by Shaban L., 07/10/2019


Dr. Nidal Salameh is hands-down the most wonderful, skilled dentist, and also the most wonderful, kind man! (It's so hard to find either one, let alone both of them together!)

It was by sheer luck I ended up here. Arrived with my  rampant,  deteriorating-by the-moment dental problems (auto-immune problem stuff), my ridiculously inadequate insurance policy, and my whole  bunch of nightmare-like stories about what happened when I'd tried getting help elsewhere.

In short, I was seen at New Leaf Dental immediately. Appt right on time, office nice and clean. Everyone working in the office lovely and helpful and gentle and patient with me in every way.

I had 2 extractions the first appointment, and seven (7!) fillings the following week -- all this exceeded my insurance;  Dr Salemeh did it for me nonetheless (!! )

I'm about 70 years old, and I can remember back when there were still a few family doctors around who were just the way you'd think old family doctors would/should  be -- charitable, caring, kind, trustworthy, conscientious.  Dr. Salameh is really  a throwback for me to the very best (because god knows it wasn't all  good back then!) of that past medical care. He's an absolute gem, and he runs an absolutely wonderful office.

Review by Madeleine A., 07/09/2019


HIGHLY RECOMMEND this office. Dr. Salameh and his staff are all so professional and amazing at what they do. Never have I felt this comfortable going to the dentist. Not only is the service top notch, but how clean it is, assured me I was in good hands.

Review by Grace G., 04/22/2019

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