Teeth Whitening in New York

/ Teeth Whitening in New York

A shining beautiful white smile is a dream of many people and a visiting card of celebrities and successful people. That’s why teeth whitening is so popular today. This cosmetic procedure implies the whitening or lightening of tooth surfaces. At the beginning of the procedure, the patient selects teeth shade. All systems and devices used in professional whitening are certified and safe. The procedure of teeth whitening is absolutely painless.

Teeth whitening can be completed in dental clinics, at home or combine both options. For tooth bleaching at clinics, cosmetic Dentist uses special devices. While whitening at home patients use gel or paste filled tray which they place into the mouth over teeth for some time to complete the bleaching. Nowadays, new teeth whitening techniques continue to appear. Some of them even allow getting a brilliance smile and white teeth already in an hour!