Christian Chung, DDS

Christian Chung, DDS

Midtown West

200 W 57th St Ste 1108 New York, NY 10019 b/t 7th Ave & Broadway

(212) 757-9227

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I've been coming here for years - Dr Chung was my husband's dentist and I consider him to be a pretty posh one. It's possible his prices aren't discount outlet low, but come on, it's dental work. It's intricate and necessary, plus, it (in theory) shouldn't be very frequent! We pay out of pocket and with regular visits, it's affordable. Of course, I realize this statement is obnoxious because the term "affordable" depends on how much money you have. But I digress. I always get a good cleaning and my fillings are fine. I haven't had any complex procedures done and dread the day I'll need a root canal, but I've gotten my mouth guard done here, my teeth cleaned for almost 10 years, and minor dental work done, and I've always enjoyed the staff and the doc. The office sends me Christmas and Birthday cards and they have my kids names memorized. What's not to like?

Review by Lara R., 06/19/2019


While in New York I had what I thought was a dental emergency and  was referred to Dr Chung by my dentist I use in Florida. I found Dr Chung to be not only thorough but completely charming. If I lived in New York I would definitely use him as my personal dentist.

Review by Barbara S., 05/20/2019


I don't leave reviews often but this place really was a turnoff- specifically Dr Chung himself.

My husband and I both came here before and we both independently found Dr Chung to be a condescending and impatient doctor. When you ask him questions about dentistry he looks at you like you are stupid and gets like really antsy and unhappy when you do. Everyone around working for him are nice and seems like angels in comparison. So don't go here. He is really one of the worst I met in the city despite all these reviews of positivity. It still piss me off to think about this ugh why don't learn proper customer service dr Chung. Everyone else who works for you seem to know better

Review by Joy Y., 10/17/2018


I have been a patient of Dr Chung for almost 10 years. Have had multiple fillings redone and a few extractions. None of the procedures performed by Dr Chung was followed by pain or complications (which I cannot say for similar procedures done by other dentists I have had before). I think he knows how to do his job, highly recommend him if you're looking for a new dentist.

by the way, I tend to give 1 star ratings on yelp...because I am on the nasty side

Review by Clare S., 03/04/2018


Excellent dentist. Clearly explains to you all of your issues and your options. Nice clean office and friendly staff.

Office is in the middle of midtown and very easy to get to. Dental assistants ate very knowledgable and have a soft touch to ensure you do not go through excruciating pain during your visit.

Review by Vladimir C., 05/22/2017


The cleaning that was provided here was great. It had been quite a while since my last cleaning so I was nervous and I expressed this to the technician Nichole. She took her time and was very careful.

The cleaning took longer then my face time with the doctor who I met for the first time, Which is surprising because usually when you meet a doctor for the first time they actually take time with you and speak with you.

I came with three concerns.
1 - pain on the side of my mouth from wisdom teeth
2 - A black spot on my back tooth
3 - Replacing a sealant I had on my back teeth

When my cleaning was over the doctor rushed in and quickly poked around my mouth which felt really rough and careless compared to the way the technician was treating me.

He quickly stated that I need my wisdom teeth removed. No break down, no explanation until I started asking about my options.
Next I asked about the black spot which was still there after the cleaning, The doctor stated that it was just a stain....again I don't know what that means but to me it looks like a little hole so you can imagine how concerned I was by this disregard.
And finally I asked about the sealant which I had done twice in the past, once as a child and once as an adult many years ago.
What really upset me here was that he told me that people don't do this and that should I want to get it done it would mean that he has to shave down a layer of the top of my tooth... when I expressed that this hasn't been the case in the past, the doctor stated that that was the wrong way.
Well I went to get a second opinion and like the first doctor who did this service for me I was told that it is doable and that no shaving is required.

Perhaps I'm wrong but I feel like the doctors that refuse to do this kind of preventative care for your teeth are the ones that refuse to do so just so you would in fact get cavities and need to comeback  (that might be extreme but why not just do what the patient wants and has had before and has benefited them?)

I would go back for a cleaning with Nichole but that's all.

Review by M. M., 01/17/2017


I like my teeth to be very clean, and I hate unnecessary dental work. I've seen a few dentists in the city but Dr. Chung's is by far the best.

The hygienists always do a spectacular job, and I can feel it afterwards. I have a bar along the bottom of my front teeth, and I really look forward to my twice a year cleaning.

Dr Chung is also knowledgable, personable and utterly professional. He actually found a cavity and I was a bit skeptical until he showed it to me after he has drilled to it. A big black spot..and he did the job so quickly, it was definitely the least unpleasant cavity filling I've ever had.

I only wish my new job was closer to his office. I've had a few subpar experiences at other dental practices, and I'm definitely sticking with Dr. Chung.

Review by Ash C., 05/22/2016

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