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Advanced Gentle Dentistry of Park Slope

Advanced Gentle Dentistry of Park Slope

Park Slope

443 9th St Brooklyn, NY 11215 b/t 6th Ave & 7th Ave

(718) 788-8009


Welcome to Advanced Gentle Dentistry of Park Slope.  Since 1998, Dr. Sarji has offered the Park Slope area complete dental services including INVISALIGN, dental implants, root canal procedures and providing emergency dentist appointments for our patients in the Park Slope, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn Heights and surrounding areas. If you are looking for an emergency dentist in the Park Slope area then you will feel comfortable here at Advanced Gentle Dentistry of Park Slope. We are strong believers in providing patients with the individualized gentle care that they deserve. As one of the most renowned dentists in Park Slope, our dental office conveniently located at 9th street and 7th avenue will offer you a gentle and relaxing experience. Many Park Slope patients commonly ask us about  our painless root canal treatment. We offer painless root canal treatment and immediate relief.  Dr. Jim M. Sarji has a reputation as an understanding and care cosmetic and family dentist. He can help create a smile that you can be proud of.

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Dr. Kostanyan was great! I had some dental problems he was gentle and sensitive to my issues. I would highly recommend him.

Review by Erika H., 12/04/2019


I always feel very comfortable and at ease each time I go for my appointments. I highly recommend Igor Kostanyan.

Review by Linda R., 10/16/2019


Very personable! He makes you feel very comfortable. I highly recommend him.

Review by Linda R., 10/04/2019


Terrible customer service and total lack of professionalism. Will be switching dentists after I showed up for an 8 am appointment waited 30 minutes and was then told that no one could see me and I would need to reschedule and come back. Save your time and money and go see a real dentist with some ethics.

Review by Katie M., 09/24/2019


This is chaotic office that seems to be about packing as many patients in during their rushed visits. I had a filling - that procedure felt very rushed. I had a cleaning - that procedure was very competent, but the hygienist is only allowed 45 minutes per patient, so she was forced to rush. Every dentist I've been to prior allots the dental hygienist an hour. It makes me think this policy - rushing procedures -  is more about the bottom line. It sure felt that way.

Review by Al L., 08/01/2019


As per usual I'm always a complete mess before hand. When's he's done all I want to do is hug him. Such a great dentist!!!

Review by Donna A., 05/01/2019


Great dentist! Dr. Igor is incredibly pleasant and professional and does great work, hygienist Danielle is fantastic, I've been a patient for 10+years, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Review by Jason S., 04/04/2019


I came here after my crown and tooth broke off. I was devastated that they were going to have to pull what was left of my tooth and give me an implant. To my surprise they came up with a plan to build up my "tooth" and gave me a new crown! They were really amazing. Painless and about as stress free as the dentist could be. They also were really great since I had no insurance they didn't rip me off with more xrays than I needed and kept the procedure cost down as well. I wish I could make them my permanent dentists but very sadly they don't take my insurance.

This place is great. Go here.

Review by Steph W., 03/20/2019


Dr. Igor is amazing.
I have had three root canals with him by now and they have all been effortless, only minor discomfort after the numbness wears off once I get home, but I will gladly accept that after some horror story root canals I've heard of. All of my procedures with him (fillings to canals) have been easy, he is very attentive and makes sure to not leave you in any discomfort, and is an easygoing guy in general.
I would highly recommend him, and advanced gentle dentistry for anything dentist related !

Review by Kristina S., 08/21/2018


Love this dentist!  Probably the shortest wait time of any dentist/doctor I've ever had.  The actual dental exams are quick, yet I still feel like I am not just some box to check off on their daily to-do list.

The office is located about 50 feet from the 7th Ave F/G trains in Park Slope, so very convenient if you have access to one of these trains.  And even if I didn't live nearby I would probably travel to come here given the combination of speed and professionalism.

Review by Robert S., 11/20/2017

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