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/ Teeth whitening with charcoal

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Pros and cons of charcoal teeth whitening

There are many benefits to home remedies for teeth whitening. Activated carbon has a mild abrasive effect, which allows you to remove plaque after the third use. In addition, this method has other advantages:

  1. Convenience. A person does not have to leave home, spend time visiting a dental clinic.
  2. Simplicity. Simple manipulations can be carried out at home. They are easy to use, do not cause difficulties even at the initial stage.
  3. Democratic price. Activated carbon has a low cost, available to any buyer.

However, whitening enamel without visiting the clinic has a number of disadvantages. A significant disadvantage is its low efficiency. Teeth whitening service is much more effective than home methods. Also, the darkening of the root of the tooth can be attributed to the minuses, especially if the procedure is carried out quite often. In people with sensitive enamel, charcoal can provoke its destruction, which in the future will lead to expensive treatment.

Contraindications to the use of charcoal teeth cleaning

The method of whitening tooth enamel with charcoal has contraindications:

  • The presence of orthodontic structures;
  • Increased sensitivity of enamel;
  • Deep caries;
  • Inflammatory processes of the oral mucosa;
  • Gum bleeding.

An absolute contraindication to home whitening procedures, experts call increased abrasion of tooth enamel.

Professional teeth whitening

Professional whitening of tooth enamel, which is carried out in a dental clinic, is deprived of all shortcomings. Modern techniques that are used in the dentist's office provide a high result. Constant medical supervision during dental procedures minimize all possible risks.

Before a whitening session, the doctor determines the indications, if there are contraindications, he reveals them. If necessary, the patient will be recommended treatment of gums and teeth. Depending on the wishes of the patient after the diagnosis, the doctor will select the most appropriate technique. Whichever method is chosen, the clinic guarantees high quality of services, maximum comfort during the procedure and its complete safety.


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