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Installation of Quadrotti prostheses

/ Installation of Quadrotti prostheses

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Quadrotti dentures are clasp dentures, which are made from polymers. With this prosthetics, it is possible to achieve unique properties and characteristics. The main characteristics of this material are determined by the aesthetics and strength that clasps and an arc can provide.

In the manufacture of Quadrotti prostheses, modern technology is used, which was developed by specialists from Italy. The basis of this technique is the use of flexible Dental-D material based on nylon. The peculiarity of the material is that it does not contain any metal elements.

The production process uses thermoplastic plastic without monomers. Studies show that the strength of this material is 15 times higher than the strength of acrylic plastic, which is also very often used in prosthetics.

After processing Dental-D under the influence of high temperatures, the material exhibits such properties as:

  1. High strength;
  2. Little toxicity;
  3. Moderate and relatively soft elasticity;
  4. It is possible to choose the desired color scheme;
  5. There are no allergic reactions.

Installation method

When installing Quadrotti, the condition and number of teeth that remain in the oral cavity is very important. It is these aspects that determine the final price of prosthetics. The minimum number of supporting units for prosthetics of the upper jaw is six. The minimum number of supporting units for lower jaw prosthetics is four. Moreover, for reliable fixation, it is necessary to have healthy chewable units. It's about two sides of the jaw. Otherwise, the design may fall out while eating or talking.

Installation on the upper jaw

Most often for the upper jaw, Quadrotti are produced together with the palate. The size of the palate depends on the number of teeth that have been lost. Of course, the fewer lost teeth, the greater the basis. It is possible to install a prosthesis without a palate only when no more than two teeth are missing in a row. Moreover, all adjacent teeth must be in good condition.

Installation on the lower jaw

Due to the rather high density and height of the lower teeth, the installation of such a prosthesis is more reliable than on the upper jaw. However, there may also be some nuances that can lead to a weakening of the prosthesis.

Indications for installation

Quadrotti prosthetics is recommended in the following situations:

  1. With partial loss of both upper and lower teeth;
  2. If there is an allergic reaction to another material;
  3. If it is impossible to use another type of prosthetics;
  4. If necessary, temporarily restore the integrity of the dentition until the moment of implantation;
  5. When choosing the type of prosthetics for children.


  • Installation of Quadrotti prostheses
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