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Michael Love, DDS & Howard Love, DDS


32-12 33rd St Astoria, NY 11106

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All Phases of Family Dentistry, Cosmetic Bonding 1 Hr. Bleaching, Astoria Dentists for Family, Astoria Dentists, Teeth Whitening, Astoria 11103 Dentist. Emergencies Handled Promptly, Cosmetic Dentistry, Most Insurance Plan accepted, Credit card Accepted. We also have Spanish speaking Staff, Caring environment.

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I am a patient of yours. Where have you moved to.

Review by Martin Gabrys, 05/09/2023 07:20:08 pm


I only went to their practice to get a crown and though I hate dental work, they were very personable and friendly. In the end, I regretted going with them and would never recommend any goes to a dentist they've never been to before for a crown!

The second they put the crown in, it didn't feel right. When they first put the crown into your mouth, they have to continue to 'adjust' it so that the shape matches with the rest of your teeth in your mouth! He was rushing me and kept phrasing things like, "Is that good enough yet?" and "This time I'm sure it's done" even when it continued to not feel right in my mouth. Despite my having him adjust it many times and pressure me to be finished, I ended up with a crown that doesn't fit the rest of my teeth and I am not able to chew food on that tooth.

On another note, when I went to the next dentist for an appointment, they asked me where I got such a poorly done crown, noticing that the actual height of the crown is way higher than the rest of my teeth, leaving my gum line exposed, sensitive, and inflamed all the time with no method of repair until I need a new one in like 10+ years.

When you get a bad crown, they can't simply just take it out and give you a new one.

I regret ever going to them to get a crown and would never recommend anyone go there for anything but MAYBE a cleaning.

Review by Heather, 12/16/2020 03:52:05 pm


You know you found a good dentist - Howard Love, DDS - when you feel compelled to write a positive Yelp review about them! Scheduling is easy and, more importantly, appointments are respected and rarely wait more than a few minutes. I also appreciated the fact that Howard usually did the cleanings himself and took the time to get to know my wife and I.

If you are reading this and considering a dentist in Astoria - search no further!

Review by richard b., 11/04/2019


I've been to quite a few dentists in my life and Dr. love is top shelf. Easy enough to make an appointment the hours are accommodating and a cleaning was simple and quick. I would highly recommend if you're in the Astoria area to make this your regular dentist.

Review by Michael F., 10/23/2019


Dr. Howard was amazing! He did not try to sell me on getting any extra procedures that I did not need. I am definitely going back and would recommend him to family and friends :)

Review by Adam D., 05/23/2019


Michael Love is the best dentist I have ever met in the US. He is competent, pleasant, makes you feel comfortable and is concerned about how you feel during the process.

Unlike other dentists I know, he is not judgmental and won't try to push you services you don't need.The receptionists are great! They are helpful and always willing to accommodate your schedule.

I truly recommend Michael Love as a dentist to anyone, and don't plan to look for another dentist as long as I live in New York!

Review by Lilian M., 05/16/2019


When I used to live on 33rd Street I used to walk by this dentist every day and it would make me happy because I love the style of these houses and I liked the idea of dentists names Love (as opposed to my childhood dentist, who was named Dr. Woodhead.) However I only recently went there after being unsatisfied with my dentist near Ditmars and a friend recommended it. I knew I had cavities going in and Dr. Michael Love confirmed that. I was skeptical in general or dentists since I felt my last dentist had been milking my insurance and making extra visits, but this was as positive an experience as one can have at the dentist. Only three visits required, one for the initial review and cleaning and one for each filling. I never had to wait longer than 20 minutes and usually it was quicker. Dr. Michael is very nice and calming, he also remembered things I had told him from my last visit (like my new years plans) which I appreciate since I know they see a lot of people. Treatment was quick and pain free. I also like that they keep the doors open to the rooms, it has a friendly vibe. Will definitely be my new regular dentist.

Review by Karen M., 05/13/2019


It's extremely hard to find the right and trustworthy dentist, especially in NYC. I have been going to Dr. H. Love for over 5 years and he is a DDS that I can trust and count on. Dr. Howard Love is knowledgeable, personable, and each procedure is painless. I went through a great deal of cavities, root canals, and crowns in my day and by far, Dr. Howard Love has taken the best care of my teeth without trying to oversell me on procedures I don't need. I recommend him to everyone!

Review by Ela P., 04/12/2019


I'm going to preface this review by saying I've come across a fair share of bad dentists in the past and the one and only reason I've decided to visit this dental place was 1. My insurance had changed and my previous dentist was no longer accepting it 2. I saw raving yelp reviews for this office and boy was I fooled by it!

I came in for a checkup and cleaning several months ago - the cleaning done by a dental hygienist went fine. Then "dr. Michael Love" tells me that I have a small cavity and to come back to get it filled. Few weeks later I am back to get the cavity filled - although I felt no pain I assume getting a small cavity filled the sooner the better....preventative care am I right? I'm seen by "dr. Howard Love" who does my filling.

Two weeks after the filling I'm still feeling pain almost daily so I go in to get it checked. "Dr. Howard Love" informs me that my filling was "too high" and fixes it for me. During this visit, I ask him how big my cavity and whether the filling was deep and close enough to the pulp. He tells me the filling was no where close to the pulp and that it was small. When I asked him if he could point to where my cavity was in the first X-ray he tells me that it was a crack on the tooth...this was a red flag for me as they are giving me inconsistent information - first I am told it's a small cavity then it's a crack. Oh and get this he also says if the pain continues then we can just do a root canal for you....we do that here too!

Several more weeks ago by and I still feel pain when I bite down in certain angles. I visit two other dentists - showing them both my X-rays before filling and after filling. Both dentists have told me that the filling was not needed and that they do not see any cavity. They've also told me that the filling was quite big and that although it was not pushing against the pulp directly it might be pushing against the pulp projections - these look like little horns coming down the side of the pulp - which was likely to be causing the pain.

My previous dentist also looked at the X-rays taken here and the X-rays he had taken of my tooth in 2017 and said the filling was not needed.  He also told me that if the pain continues I would need to possibly get a root canal. So for a tooth that needed no work at all in the beginning to now need a root canal is astounding. Having root canal done is not exactly my idea of a fun afternoon; not to mention the hefty price I would have to pay if I get this done.

So here's the bottom line: This dental practice leans  more toward a two scam man group or two people who don't know what they are doing at all. Either way not exactly a place I plan to come back to visit anytime soon. If you're a masochist that enjoys wasting time and money then yes this place is for you otherwise, find yourself another place. Oh and btw the "dr" is in quotations because I don't believe any good real health professional would cause more pain and push procedures on their patients if they don't need it just to gain an extra buck.

Needless to say I am disappointed and enraged about what has happened. Also surprise surprise it's been several months since my filling and yes I still feel the pain when I bite down. I hope more people get a chance to read this review over the other RAVING reviews on yelp. Looking back I wish I had paid more attention and read more of the 1 star reviews because their experiences mimic mines exactly.

Review by Tseten S., 10/18/2018


I feel so lucky to have found this dentist office. I've had many issues with my teeth and have seen tons of dentists in my life. I usually see Howard who is honest and friendly. He's always given me a true opinion about what I need and don't need in terms of my dental work and he has not led me astray. He's down a few new fillings, replaced some old and even did a crown on my mouth recently. I fully trust his opinion and he quality of his work.

The office is also great to work with in terms of scheduling. It's usually pretty easy to get or change an appointment if need be. I'm very happy to have found the Love office.

Review by Caitlyn C., 08/07/2018


I am a total chicken shit when it comes to the dentist. If I was a stand up comic, a significant part of my routine would be how awful I am about being an adult about my dental care.

When a crown cracked right before Thanksgiving,  they squeezed me in to let me know it would be okay and I took the plunge and set up a real appointment to start getting my shit together.

The folks at this office have been amazing. The wait is short or non-existent. They do good work and try hard to make sure you're comfortable with everything. My teeth look great and I think I'm well on my way to losing my childhood fear.

Review by Alice D., 03/24/2018

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