Broadway Family Dental

Broadway Family Dental

1152 Broadway Brooklyn, NY 11221

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Periodontists, General Dentistry, Orthodontists


Dr. Ella Dekhtyar is a top rated, best in class cosmetic dentist in Brooklyn. She passionate about ensuring her patients receive the best and most appropriate dental care in Broadway Family Dental Center. She is one of the most highly regarded dentists in the community. Dr. Dekhytar has received multiple awards including America's Best Dentist and New York Magazine Best Dentists. Dr. Ella Dekhtyar is an award winning expert and contributor to a prominent media outlets. She believes in providing truly personalized dental care without compromise. She is dedicated to provide the best aesthetic and functional results from cosmetic dental treatment. As a Brooklyn's top dentist she brings a wealth of experience and skills to every patient. You'll find top rated, expert dentists, the most up-to-date, best equipped facilities and a relaxing atmosphere at Broadway Family Dental in Brooklyn, NY.

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