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Wilson Avenue Dental

Wilson Avenue Dental


51 Wilson Ave Brooklyn, NY 11237

(718) 564-5432


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Honestly, this place is pretty chaotic. My cleaning turned out to be effective but, I really questioned the cleanliness of this office - the patient rooms are old and dirty - they had dental assistants taking out the trash in front of me and leaving the back door wide open so that the cold winter air filled up the entire building. The doctor immediately tried selling me on xrays that I didn't need. And they had dental hygienists frantically walking in and out of the room - nobody looked like they knew what they were doing. The woman who did my cleaning sprayed water and some strange sand that they use to clean all over my face. She was very sloppy. Strangely enough, my teeth do look cleaner then before. That said, I'll never go back here. Bad vibes all around.

Review by Miranda K., 12/16/2019


Great staff an the dentist is so gentle an kind...i am afraid of dentists but when i go there they put me at ease an mydear is gone. ..just call an go there if u nee good dental care.

Review by Jann Wright, 07/11/2019


Dr Verdoni is amazing, caring and thorough. Exceptional dentist! I went to him last summer as my usual dentist is on the west coast and have since made the switch to be a patient.

Review by laura c., 10/29/2018


I made three appointments under the assumption that, like most businesses, they want to acquire and maintain clients.  After my last two appointments made me wait over 45 minutes past the scheduled time to be seen, I asked the receptionist what time would be best if I don't have the luxury of taking hours out of my day waiting for an appointment, and she suggested 9am. Well I arrive at 8:55, and the gate it still down. At 9:05 the receptionist roles up to unlock the door. I tell her I have a 9am appointment and she doesn't say anything. At 9:20 a nurse shows up. I ask her if the dentist knows that he has a 9am appointment today and she shrugs and says, "He's driving in from New Jersey."

Review by Will P., 01/12/2018


I am not one to bash places,  but these people deserve zero stars.
This place is a nightmare. The doctor wants and performs unnecessary procedures left and right to anybody.  I witnessed it when I was his patient, and so did someone else that I know.
All these people care about is racking up a high bill and billing your insurance.
They take advantage that it is mostly older patients who frequent this joint who barely speak any English.
I went in there because back then it was the closest dental office that my insurance covered and recommended.

Shady place, assistants, and doctor.

Wilson Avenue Dental is the kind of place that is evident off the bat that the doctor is unprofessional.

For this place, I can say that I cannot believe the positive reviews.


Review by Evelin C., 12/18/2016


I am glad to have finally found a dentist that I like and that is very close to where I live. Dr. Verdoni is down to earth and you can tell he has a lot of experience. I had a filling that fell out and he quickly and painlessly replaced it as well as another old filling I had. He was very upfront with prices and made sure I agreed to what was being charged before he did the procedure. His prices are extremely fair.

Be prepared for a more informal office. I liked that it wasn't stuffy and uncomfortable, but the doctor was also working on me with one hand and talking on the phone with the other at some point (about office stuff, not just a regular conversation, at least). Usually, this would have freaked me out, but I felt I was in capable hands (well, hand). His multi-tasking did not affect the quality of the work. My filling is perfect and has not given me any discomfort or trouble.

I look forward to making my cleaning appointment here soon. Well, maybe "look forward" isn't the right term, but you know.

Review by Jennifer S., 05/05/2016

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