Rules for oral care after caries treatment

/ Rules for oral care after caries treatment

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The most common cause of tooth decay is poor and irregular oral hygiene. If you do not want to constantly go to the dentist for the treatment of cavities - organize the proper care of your gums and teeth. It is recommended that you perform the following procedures on a daily basis:

  • Use a toothbrush twice a day to properly clean plaque from the tooth surfaces;
  • Remove plaque and food debris from the interdental spaces with a floss;
  • Get advice from your doctor on choosing the right toothbrush for you. Extra stiff brushes are not recommended for sensitive teeth.

Try to brush your teeth every time after a meal, especially if you have consumed sweets, and if not, rinse your mouth with clean water.

How to avoid the development of tooth decay?

The treatment of tooth decay is a procedure that can be avoided if regular preventive measures are taken to prevent this dental disease. They are not difficult to perform:

Brush daily, twice a day, to remove plaque from your teeth. Brush for at least three minutes, cleaning the inside and top surfaces of your teeth, and flossing or brushing to remove plaque from hard-to-reach areas.

Change your diet by adding calcium- and fluoride-rich foods and reduce the amount of sugary foods in your daily menu. Sweets by themselves are not bad for the strength of tooth enamel, but they create a favorable environment for active reproduction of pathogenic microflora.

If for some reason you can't introduce into your diet foods rich in minerals that are good for your teeth - take vitamin complexes with fluoride and calcium. It is equally important to visit your dentist regularly for preventive check-ups. Specialist will be able to identify the disease in its early stages, when the treatment of dental caries can be carried out without a drill. You can also have your teeth professionally cleaned at the dentist, which is also an excellent prevention of dental caries, because the hard plaque and calculus can not be removed properly at home.

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