What drinks stain your teeth

/ What drinks stain your teeth

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Details about the causes of enamel staining:

  1. The appearance of micropores and microcracks in the enamel is promoted by drinks saturated with acids;
  2. The bacteria themselves are capable of producing acids that destroy teeth. In turn, the use of sweet soda causes the active growth of harmful bacteria in the oral cavity;
  3. Insufficient or incorrect hygiene leads to the formation of a soft coating and the formation of a pigmented film, which additionally retains coloring substances from drinks.

Now let's move on to the rating of the most enamel-colored drinks.

Red wine takes the lead. It's all about special substances - tannins. Everyone knows how difficult it is to remove such stains from clothes, almost similar difficulties arise with tooth enamel. The difficulty here lies in the fact that tannins do not act alone, but in combination with organic acids, which increase the susceptibility of enamel to coloring pigments.

Colored sweet soda

You can call it a delicious enamel killer, while it does not act gradually, but is capable of completely destroying tooth enamel over several months with regular use. Its harmful effect is based on three components: carbon dioxide, sugar and acids. Complementing each other, these substances contribute to the active destruction of enamel and rapid pigmentation of micropores by caustic coloring substances, which are abundantly contained in these products.

Important! Drinking it through a straw can minimize the harm from soda.

Tomato juice and sauces

Here we must also note the combination of two factors: the presence of acetic acid in the products as natural stabilizers and the content of rather intense pigments.

We will not ignore the classics of the genre, namely coffee and strong tea.

Here we will also talk about tannins, which are able to actively penetrate into any microscopic enamel defects. Another unfavorable factor is related to the degree of heating of the product, the hotter these drinks are, the staining of the teeth will be stronger there.

Important! To avoid negative consequences, it is enough to add milk to drinks or choose lighter varieties of tea.

Berries and vegetables (beets)

Even natural products contain sugar and acids, which also cause enamel damage and staining. The darker the berries and vegetables, the stronger this action will be.

Important! The joint use of berries with sour cream or yogurt will help reduce the discoloration process, and sunflower oil will serve as a neutralizer for beets.

If you are faced with the problem of strong enamel staining in modern conditions, you can use the service - professional teeth whitening. You can choose sparing options that are unable to further damage the enamel, but will give you a dream smile.


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