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Tu's Dental

Tu's Dental

Bath Beach

2110 Bath Ave Brooklyn, NY 11214 b/t 21st Ave & Bay 28th St

(929) 275-3857

Provided services

Cosmetic Dentists, Endodontists, General Dentistry


Cosmetic dentistry Brooklyn, NY | General dentistry Brooklyn | Emergency dentistry in Brooklyn, New York - Dental implants - Dentures - Dental crown - Dental bridges - Dental veneers - Tooth filling - Dental cleaning - Tooth extraction - Root canal - Teeth whitening - Dental braces "Certainly the best cosmetic dentist in Brooklyn!" At Tu's Dental, we utilize state-of-the-art technology in a warm and friendly environment so that you can achieve the smile of your dreams in a painless way. Our dentists make sure to deliver unmatched skill and artistry to every patient. Discover how Tu's Dental can enhance your smile by calling us for a dental consultation today! Tu's Dental will make your teeth shine their brightest and healthiest. We also offer composite tooth colored fillings, dental sealants, Invisalign braces, removable dentures, PFM restorations, dental inlays, dental onlays, sports mouth guards and more. Our mission is to provide the highest quality dental care in a convenient, professional and pain free environment with lots of love, compassion, kindness, and above all else, we treat our patients like family. Please call today to set up an appointment with one of our friendly cosmetic dentists or orthodontists. We also have the best general dentist and emergency dentist in Brooklyn, New York. We also make sure that you look forward to your dental appointment so we keep our reception area clean and comfortable, allowing to calm your nerves with a cup of tea or coffee!



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A great place, a breathe of fresh air different from the offices I've grown up going to. Doctor Tu provides a clean, well staffed, highly knowledgeable experience through every one of my appointments. Staffs answer calls promptly, keep track of appointments to the tee, and will get you in your appointment at time stated no later!

Through the times I've gone I felt more and more welcomed. Doctor Tu definitely cares; ensure you're always comfortable about your teeth and procedures, your well being, and the state of your teeth in the future.

Glad I'm able to find a dentist I am happy to refer to.

Review by Brian C., 01/10/2020


I have been avoiding going to the dentist due to previous traumatic experiences. Im so glad Dr. Tu and her team opened their practice in this area and I was able to discover them a few years back. I have been going to my cleanings and checkups bi-annually as scheduled. The cleaning is done gently and I feel minimal discomfort. She also gives floss in the care package after each visit, which is neat.

Unfortunately, my insurance changed and Dr. Tu was no longer in my network. I have been avoiding finding a new dentist. Recently, I found out my insurance is going to change again starting 2020 and it looks like she'll be in the network again. I will be making an appointment as soon as possible.

medicare for all, accept no substitutes

Review by Andy G., 11/30/2019


I was really happy to see Tu's Dental up in Brooklyn!  I went to school with Tu-Ahn and I couldn't believe she got her own practice, it looks phenomenal.  Tu-Ahn STILL owes me a big favor, but I know she's working on it.  Anyway, anything I can do to help... best of luck out there Tu, hope you get to work on my teeth someday.

Review by Andrew B., 11/20/2019


I had a bad experience with a root canal (that ended up in extraction) when I was a child so I decided I'd never go to the dentist. I let this go on for too long until I needed another root canal, and a crown a few years ago. It was a TERRIBLE experience that made me relive my painful childhood memories. I again let it go too long until eating was nearly impossible, so I decided to try Tu's. My first exam was great. They told me all I needed done, and that I had to wait 3 weeks for the insurance to approve. Fast forward two months later when I build up courage to go...

I was really nervous but the staff was AMAZING. They made me feel at ease, and they were talking to me like they were my bffs! I was shaking and wasn't talking much, but was entertained (and laughing at times). They really go out of the way to acommodate you.

Oh, yeah. The root canal. I am still skeptical because it was TOO EASY AND PAINLESS. I will report back if anything happens, but I am telling you... I didn't feel ANYTHING. It was like magic!  

I am not lying when I say I actually am looking forward to going back for the rest of the dental work. Yes, I know what you're thinking... what kind of psychopath likes going to the dentist?! In my defense... it's not any dentist, it's Tu's Dental.

Keep up the good work!

Review by Juri R., 08/08/2019


Dr. Tu and her team were wonderful with my daughter. The hygienist was warm and patient and very gentle with my daughter. Cleaned her teeth with no problem at all.

Dr. Tu came in for a thorough checkup. She’s very good with kids! She explained what she was going to do so she wouldn’t be scared. She checked her teeth thoroughly and no cavities!

I also came in for a cleaning and checkup and asked for Dr. Tu’s advice on veneers and she said that I didn’t need it and why. I appreciate her honesty! She keeps it real and I love that about her.

Her office is also very clean and chic! Thank you for taking care of us!

Review by Michelle Lam, 08/08/2019


She was very accommodating and quick. She clearly cares about her patients and their wellbeing. Found my permanent dentist.

Review by Mauricio F., 06/19/2019


First time here for my two daughters. They were seen right as I was getting their paperwork’s done. By the time they are done, I’m still on those paper works. But, that was great. My girls sure do like this place. No complaints and all smiles. Plus they both did their appointment all on their own for the first time.
Great location- Very convenient.
Nice and cozy environment while I waited.

Review by Wendy Lee, 05/15/2019


Clean and pleasant office. Very friendly staff. Didn't wait long and the Doc was very friendly. Definitely recommend.

Review by Taameir D., 05/15/2019


She was very informative and very kind. It was my first visit to the dentist in a long time and I'm glad I chose her office.

Review by John K., 03/16/2019


Best dentist ever!!! She's such a perfectionist and her work is amazing. I had an emergency root canal done by her and it went very smoothly. It didn't even hurt during or even after treatment!! I highly recommend!!

It's so hard to trust dentists especially since many are really not good at their craft. I have experienced some horrible dentists before that made me almost avoid dentists altogether. I plan to always stop here for checkups and consultations.

Review by Monika K., 02/04/2019


Love Dr. Vu!! She’s the best dentist in NYC by far! I got a root canal and crown and whitening done on my teeth! It was painless and awesome! Never would think I’ll say that about a dental visit! Lesley and Tamara and Beatriz are awesome! Her staff is such a joy to be around! The best dentist by far. If you’re looking for a dentist that is painless, personable, affordable and friendly, this is the place for you.

Review by Ashish Shetty, 07/12/2018

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