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Stuart Feintuch, DDS

Stuart Feintuch, DDS

Bay Ridge

238 86th St Brooklyn, NY 11209 b/t Ridge Blvd & 3rd Ave

(718) 833-6100

Provided services

Cosmetic Dentists, General Dentistry


Dr. Stuart Feintuch is a welcoming and thorough Brooklyn, NY dentist. We perform routine cleanings as well as take care of any problems you might be facing.

Business hours

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Monday 09:00 20:00
Tuesday 09:00 20:00
Wednesday 09:00 15:00
Thursday 09:00 20:00
Friday 09:00 14:00
Saturday - -
Sunday - -


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This office is conveniently located and has state of the art equipment. Root canal was done in one sitting. Friendly staff.

Review by Brenda O., 08/13/2019


I would like to tell you of my experience and praise for Dr. Feintuch’s work when I needed it most. For many years I have been afraid to go to a dentist. I had a bad experience when I was younger when they pulled my tooth. Since I had no problem with my teeth I never worried about it which turned out to be a very bad thing. But did I ever learn my lesson when I woke up to a face that was swollen on the right side so bad I could hardly open my mouth and it was painful. It scared me that I didn’t know what to do. Since I did not have a dentist and remembered the advertisement for 1-800-DENTIST, I went online to see if they could help. Within minutes they had me in contact with Dr. Feintuch who listened to my problem and put my mind at ease. He told me not to worry and that he would help and made me the first appointment that morning. He took amazing care of me and I felt no pain . That was the 1st time I ever felt comfortable getting my teeth taken care of. I am not afraid anymore thanks to the excellent care I have been receiving. My teeth never looked good as they are now. Everyone at his office is so caring and makes me comfortable that I never worry when I have an appointment. His work is outstanding and boy, did I need a lot of help with my teeth. When people mention root canals they always say negative things about it. Not with Dr.Feintuch! It was simple with no discomfort and I should know because I needed 4 of them. I feel great and would recommend him to all for such outstanding service. Thank You again!

Review by Magdalena A, 07/17/2019


I had what one would call a dental emergency. I was in excruciating pain, found Dr. Feintuch's practice on my unions list and then here on Yelp. The reviews were good enough for me to call and trust a doctor I've never met before. The receptionist on the phone was extremely helpful and pleasant and was able to make me an appointment asap. Walking into the office for my appointment, the receptionist right away knew who I was and was extremely inviting and warm. The amount of pain I was in was beyond any pain I could handle... literally brought to tears. I was brought into a room where the dental hygienist, was also patient, calm and very helpful. Within a minute of sitting in the room, I was greeted by the doctor. Dr. Feintuch immediately gave me a shot to alleviate the pain... I'm not lying when I say within seconds the pain was gone. Right then and there this practice has won my trust and has gained a new patient. After a full series of xrays were done, I did receive a painless cleaning, while I waited for the doctor to finish his previous procedure. In conclusion, I had to have a tooth pulled. The procedure was painless and done in 5 minutes tops!!! I was blown away by the professionalism, courtesy and just my over all experience. I recommend ANYONE and EVERYONE (including my family and friends) to come to this practice.

Review by Christine M., 06/12/2019


The dentist was extremely gentle and I didn’t wait at all. Made me feel special.

Review by MYRA V, 06/06/2019


You located someone for me right away, and he was willing to come in on a Sunday to see me. He turned out to be, as far as I can tell, a competent professional and a pleasant individual

Review by LILA L, 02/13/2019


I'm a certifiable dentist wimp, by Dr. Feintuch and his team were all really lovely, kind and gentle. I highly recommend him!

Review by Abigail N., 01/10/2019


He saw my wife as an emergency. Same day we called.  He is smart, kind and professional. Office is very nice, clean, professional, well equipped. Time of appointment was time she was seen . Staff was very friendly and really set us at ease. Reception is very nice and accomodating
Really great office and staff. Highly recommend.

Review by Stephen M., 10/24/2018


I don't normally write reviews but the customer service here is amazing!
I came in today to get a cleaning and General x-ray.
My schedule is all over the place, but they worked with me and was able to get me in.
Everyone is so nice and professional. I'll definitely be back.

Review by Jezel L., 05/22/2018


I came across Dr. Feintuch's dental office on yelp and decided to call based on the reviews... I had called over 20 different dental offices with no luck for what I needed, either their prices were ridiculous or they didn't have appointments that fit my schedule. I had a "sort of" dental emergency and Dr Feintuch was able to take me in the same day. The staff was very helpful, friendly and professional from the very first moment I called to make an appointment to the moment I left the office. Dr. Feintuch was amazing! I was very nervous about my situation and he was able to put me at ease. He explained everything and was very thorough and patient. He is not only a good dentist but he is also a very kind person.
I don't have insurance, and their prices are very reasonable compared to the other 20 dentists I had contacted before.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him and Will definitely be coming back to this dental office!

Review by Claudia G., 03/22/2018

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