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With single restorations, care does not have significant differences from classical oral hygiene. It is important to use a conventional, non-electrical toothbrush. In addition to pasta, it is important to get rinsing rinsing and an irrigator for high-quality removal of food residues from hard-to-reach places. Especially neatly handle the bog of the gums and artificial design, since the greatest number of bacteria accumulates.

The bridge prosthesis has a complex design, so it is desirable to use a lubshik or a monopropic brush to clean it. Most bridges have a washing hole for high-quality cleaning.

What does the durability of implants depend on?

Implants need no less thorough care than your own patient's teeth. So that the smile remained perfect, it is important to choose the right cleaning paste and tools for additional care of the oral cavity.

Each implant manufacturer gives a guarantee for its products. It is saved only if certain rules are met. Modern prostheses are made from materials with excellent operational and aesthetic properties. Nevertheless, there are a number of objective factors that affect the prosthesis. They do not depend on the patient.

First of all, the durability of the design depends on the professionalism of the orthopedic and the implantologist, as well as their coordinated work. Only in this case, the entire operation will pass smoothly, and the result will satisfy the client. Even the highest quality and high-tech implants need appropriate maintenance. Care should be regular and high-quality, so it is important to systematically visit the dentist to pass the preventive inspection.

Extreme caution when handling implants should be observed to patients prone to manifestation of allergic reactions, as well as suffering from diabetes, adhesion to smoking. An old age also allows you to count the patient to the risk group. These clients have implants takeout longer

Features of care

Maximum caution must be observed in the first 2 weeks from the date of operation. Also be careful during the entire rehabilitation period. At this time, it is necessary to strengthen security measures and especially carefully spend the oral hygiene. After leaving the dental office, refrain from eating for several hours. The dishes must be entered into its diet sequentially and carefully, avoiding too solid products. The load on the implant must be minimal.

Use a soft bristle brush to clean your teeth. It is desirable that the toothpaste has the effect of removing signs of inflammation of the gums. Use the tooth thread to clean the hard-to-reach areas. For example, the gaps between the teeth. Also do not forget about the rinser, which will help strengthen the effect of the use of toothpaste.

In no case do not use the old brush that you have before implantation. It has a huge number of bacteria that should not be in the oral cavity after the operation. Conduct the oral cavity hygiene at least two times a day and after each meal, carefully clean the boundary between your own teeth and prostheses.


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