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Is implantation safe

/ Is implantation safe

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Dental implantation is a modern and safe dental procedure that allows you to completely restore the shape, appearance and function of lost dental tissues. The service life of dental implants is measured in tens of years. Therefore, with proper oral care and regular visits to the doctor, these devices may not require replacement throughout the patient's life.

What should be safe implants?

However, in order to achieve positive results, all manipulations must be carried out by an implantologist who has undergone special training. Equally important is the use of high-quality and functional implants from a reputable manufacturing company. Well-established companies in the market provide a lifetime warranty on their products.

Most dental implants are made from titanium alloys. The most physiological and safe are root-shaped products that have a thread (screw type) on their surface, which contributes to better fixation of the device in the jaw bone tissue.

This is what will minimize the likelihood of rejection, accelerate the process of osseointegration and ensure guaranteed engraftment of the implant several months after the procedure. An excessively low price of services in a certain clinic or a very cheap cost of an implant indicates insufficient qualifications of the doctor or a possible counterfeit of the device, inconvenience during its installation, etc.


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