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Stomatitis is the inflammation of the mucous membrane, accompanied by unpleasant painful sensations. Everter doctors will determine the exact cause of Stomatitis, pushing out of which the treatment will be carried out.

Types of Stomatitis

The causes of stomatitis a lot. Depending on them, experts allocate several types of stomatitis.

  1. Acute herpetic. Herpes virus is transmitted to contact and airborne droplets. In children, this happens through sweets ("mouth in the mouth") and shared toys. In adults, Stomatitis can be in a hidden state for years. But with the weakening of the protective barriers of the body, it goes to the scene to the fullest. The disease can occur one or two weeks with high temperature, nausea, diarmen and vomiting. In the mouth there are bubbles that quickly turn into ulcers. But after a while, the ulcers heal and disappear without a trace. Therapy begins with light analgesia, inflammation of inflammation with anti-inflammatory means (rosehip oil, solicoryl). In case of weakening the body, professional dental doctors can register the course of immunomodulators or vitamins.
  2. Aphthosal - close relatives of herpetic. It is often found in adults in the form of white rounded or oval specks with a scarlet cut, covered with yellow-gray raid. Located with seasonal (spring-autumn) with a decrease in local and general immunity. As a rule, the treatment of long-term flow of thomatitis begins with antiseptic treatment of AFT decoction chamomile with boric acid or water peroxide solution with water - 1: 1. Then the specks are lubricated with sea buckthorn or peach oil. And of course, drugs are required to strengthen immunity.
  3. Allergic - difficult to treat a disease of the disease. It may be caused by an allergic reaction to food, pollen, animal wool, medicines, prosthetic materials. The main thing is to understand the cause of allergies, after which the doctor is prescribed special antihistamines.
  4. Candidose fungal. Infection can occur when contacting a sick person or through household items against the background of the weakening of the body (in patients with diabetes mellitus, tuberculosis, HIV) or supercooling. Newborn can infect mothers in the process of passing through the generic paths, if the mother suffers from candidal vulvovaginitis. This type is manifested in a cotton white ride on the inner surface of the cheek, heaven, language. In the treatment, it is necessary to adhere to the diet and lubricate the curved areas with antifungal ointments. The doctor also discharges antifungal drugs.
  5. Nicotinic. The cause of occurrence is perennial smoking. Often proceeds painlessly. Chronic irritation of solid and soft sky, sealing of the tissue and the occurrence of numerous ulcers as a result of constant influence on the oral cavity of hot concentrated smoke, can lead to cancer of the oral cavity.
  6. Catarial - as a result of non-compliance with oral hygiene, dental sediment and teeth disease. It is considered the easiest species. A hike to the dentist with subsequent recommendations will help get rid of this trouble. The doctor using modern equipment will remove the dental sediment, it will treat the mouth with antiseptic preparations and advises what to do next, writing medications if necessary.


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